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Who are you, where are you from, and what is your role in GHNGN?
My name is Sandra, I am from Madrid, Spain, currently living in Barcelona. I have been working for the network since February 2017 as a Partnership and Project Supervisor.


How did you learn about the GHNGN?
After I finished the bachelor’s degree, I was a bit lost. During the years I spent in the university, global health was hardly ever mentioned, and I learned about the global health field when I was looking for a master’s degree. I started to look for conferences or congresses focused on global health on the internet and I came across the network. I could not attend the GHNGN conference in 2015  but I followed all the activities and the interesting posts on the GHNGN website. After attending the GHNGN conference in 2016 I really wanted to join the network. Some months later, I got a chance to apply for the position as a partnership supervisor.


What is your current job/study position?
I am finishing my master’s thesis and doing a part-time job, which is not related to health. At the moment I am trying to save money to apply for an internship, which will lead me further in my career in global health. My thesis is a systematic literature review, and I am really passionate about my thesis topic: “Impact of armed conflicts in Yemen and Syria on NCDs”. A current topic, in which a lot of issues are controversial and scientific research is really needed to help to apply rigorous policies in the near future.


What career path did you follow (bachelor, MSc, PhD…)?
I studied my bachelor’s degree in  Health Biology at the University of Alcalá in Madrid followed by a master’s degree in Clinical Research: International Health at the University of Barcelona. During my bachelor’s studies, I spent a year in Sweden to get more experience, especially in multicultural teams.


What is your secret when it comes to applications?
I don’t think there are specific secrets per se. I try to put myself in the shoes of the recruiter. Having a CV of no longer than 1 page always helps, knowing what they are expecting from you and writing about yourself according to that in the cover letter is also a good option.


How does your current job/studies help you fulfill your ultimate goal/motivate you?
My current job is not directly related to global health. However, it gives me enough money and time to do research on my own, it allows me to attend different conferences, participate in projects, and network, which is key in global health and helps you to find what you are passionate about.


Are you interested in something other than what you currently do?
I am interested in different areas of global health like sexual and reproductive health, communicable diseases, and universal health coverage. The interesting point in global health is that everything is interconnected somehow, so it doesn’t really matter where you end up. More important is that the job you do really inspires you and makes you feel useful.


What is global health for you?
To me, global health is to ensure a right, as is health, to everyone in the world regardless of the gender, income or origin.


What do you think your work as a GH professional brings to the global picture of GH?
It brings awareness and support to one another. I would love to work in a more specific job like in an NGO or in a Health Agency, for instance, but you can positively impact the lives and the well-being of others with small things: with a smile, being kind to each other or making someone laugh. Everyone can improve the well-being of others, even with small contributions, and you do not necessarily need to work for an NGO in order to do that.


What would you suggest a student who wants to work in GH?
Research the organization you like or the person who inspires you.  Put yourself in contact with the organization or person, either in a congress or by email, and find out the steps they took to get the position you think you like.

Be aware and prepared to meet new people who will change the way you think, because the reality is more complex than we used to think when we were younger.  Enjoy the way, because it is going to be hard sometime, but with great and rewarding moments at the same time.



I’m Sandra del Pozo from Spain, and I’m a partnership supervisor at GHNGN. I’m Health biologist by training and I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research: International Health track. My interests are in Humanitarian Response, International Relations, Health Policy and Communicable-diseases. Besides, I am passionate about traveling, different cultures, new experiences, and spending time with people and learning from them. I am at the beginning of my career in Global Health and working in the network is helping me to build my career path in GH.

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