Sofia Benitez

Social Media & Content

Country: Guatemala

External Title: BA International Relations – minor in International Organizations


My interest in Public Health started early in my youth when I realized the deficiencies the Guatemalan Healthcare System suffered and it’s impact in the most vulnerable communities. My biggest concern was the raise of teen pregnancy and the lack of access to reliable sexual education and knowledge of reproductive rights. Last year I started to develop a project called “Girls. Choices. Futures.” and “Girls Can Guatemala” which aims to help young girls in Guatemala empower themselves, get information and contraceptive methods in a confidential way by diminishing the stigma about sex and STD’s. On the other hand, I have a strong interest in projects related to international development and sustainability.


I strongly believe in the power of youth and the importance of building bridges with future generations and this is what GHNGN is doing. GHNGN is preparing the future leaders of Global Health and I’m proud to call myself part of this amazing team.


Keep the digital community updated with the latest information about GHNGN by understanding our community’s requirements and needs. Spreading the information in a reliable way is my commitment.

Languages: Spanish, English & Italian.