Sarah Khalid Khan

Sarah Khalid Khan

Chief News Editor

Country: Pakistan/United Kingdom
External title: Medical Doctor/Evidence Synthesis/Horizon Scanning Specialist


I have a background in medicine. During my med school years, I wrote analytical essays, website content, and blogs. One blog that I wrote got published at a medical journal’s blog website. It was related to the worst flood in my country’s history that we as a nation were dealing with at that moment. And so began my writing on global health issues.

As I delved further into global health during my masters in Global Health from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, I wrote more articles on health issues that merit global concern. I have worked as a doctor for Medecins Sans Frontieres for a few months and now work as an Evidence Synthesis/Horizon Scanning Specialist at NIHR Innovation Observatory in Newcastle University in the UK.


I am very passionate about global health and I like sharing ideas and knowledge. I believe GHNGN is a very good forum to exchange ideas regarding issues of global health with people from different disciplines and different parts of the world equally enthusiastic about the same issues. I reckon this exchange is what allows us to learn from our past and use it to solve problems of the present and anticipate those of the future and devise strategies for them.


I am the Chief News Editor at GHNGN. I am responsible for proofreading and editing articles written by our writers or volunteers who write for us.