Sarah Khalid Khan

Sarah Khalid Khan

News writer

Country: Pakistan
External title: Medical Doctor


I have a background in medicine. During my med school years, I wrote analytical essays, website content, and blogs. One blog that I wrote got published at a medical journal’s blog website (replace with The Lancet Student if seems appropriate). It was related to the worst flood in my country’s history that we as a nation were dealing with at that moment. And so began my writing on global health issues.

As I delved further into global health during my masters in Global Health from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, I wrote more articles on health issues that merit global concern.


I like sharing ideas and knowledge and I am very passionate about global health. I believe GHNGN is a very good forum to exchange ideas regarding issues of global health with people from different disciplines and different parts of the world equally enthusiastic about the same issues. I reckon this exchange is what allows us to learn from our past and use it to solve problems of the present or future. 


I am a News Writer at GHNGN. I am responsible for writing articles related to health issues while applying a global lens.