Sandra Hassan

Former Media Coordinator

Country: Lebanon
External Title: MPH, IT and Multimedia Analyst


I’m a computer scientist with a public health degree. I believe that everything in this day and age needs a solid technological backbone to reach its full potential, and I don’t think there’s anything more worthwhile investing in than public health. I am a member of the public after all. 


Starting from the very first class in public health I took, our professors told us that one of the most important things in this field is networking. Post-graduation, I can see how true that is. My peers, young professionals in public and global health, have wonderful ideas and an inspiring work ethic. But unless they have a strong network through which to propel those ideas, they often fall flat. I believe that GHNGN is an excellent way to create bridges between young professionals and the extensive networks that already exist, and get their voices and ideas heard.