Sandra del Pozo

Sandra del Pozo

Partnerships Supervisor

Country: Spain
External title: Health Biologist


I am Global Health young professional from Madrid. I studied Health Biology at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research: International Health track. My interests are Humanitarian Response, International Relations, Health Policy and Communicable-diseases.


I first heard about GHNGN in Sweden talking with other professionals and students about Global Health. I was following their projects for almost two years and meeting some of the members in different conferences. I feel very excited becoming part of the team and this great network.
I am passionate about building bridges for a better society by empowering the next generation of health professionals, I do believe in our projects, in the inspiring people around the world working towards the same goal and the effort to make changes in Global Health.


As a Partnerships Supervisor, I work on the Partnerships team of the network. I am responsible for ensuring good relations with old and new partners and developing new projects.