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Parag Bhatnagar

Website Coordinator

Country: New Zealand

External Title: Senior Business Analyst, Health Intelligence, Auckland District Health Board


I’m an Intelligence Analyst currently working for the public health board here in Auckland, New Zealand. I stumbled into Health Informatics in 2009 and have been passionate about data-driven decision-making in healthcare ever since.


I learned about GHNGN through Andrea Badache – a fellow participant at the UNLEASH Innovation Lab 2017. I couldn’t but be supportive of a network that helps connects young global health professionals. The challenges that press upon global health are both disparate and dynamic. Networks like GHNGN will help nurture a breed of individuals that can tackle these challenges head-on.


Starting September 2017, my role will be to support the development of GHNGN’s new online platform. I am also happy to answer questions around Health Informatics and regularly do so on Quora.