Bio_picture_Niina-Maria Nissinen

Niina Nissinen

News writer

Country: Finland/Sweden
External title: MMSc in Public Health


Hejsan, my name is Niina-Maria Nissinen, I’m originally from northern Finland but for the last two years I have been living in Sweden where I’m currently completing my master studies in public health at Lund University. I have a master’s degree in regional development and regional policy from Finland, but due to my strong interest in health sciences, I decided to study a second master degree in public health. My interest is in alcohol and mental health related questions, especially on societal structures, but due to my background, I’m also curious about healthcare systems, and health policies.


After starting to study public health at Lund University, I realized how global the public health field is. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to join GHNGN: to be part of a global public/global health organization, targeted especially for young professionals and students. I also wanted to be part of an organization that brings together people with different backgrounds and creates a forum for young professionals in the field to share their expertise and views about global health. I believe that GHNGN as an organization has the ability to foster engagement of young professional in the global health field, and I want to help with that.


I’m a news writer at the network, and my responsibility is to write interesting stories, covering different topics within the public/global health. My special interest is to write about people working in the field and share their experiences. I hope my stories, whether they are tips for searching a job or articles about global health, makes you more curious and eager to learn more. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to borrow my pen and share your story or ideas!