Melanie Bisnauth

News Writer

Country: Canada
External Title:PhD Candidate in Public Health, South Africa & Research Associate for Disease Control Prevention Series, Australia


I completed my Masters of Science in Global Health and conducted fascinating research in patient centred approaches at a mother and child transmission hospital in Johannesburg. WHOs consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretrovirals for treatment and prevention of HIV infection inspired me to investigate the impact of these guidelines for the Option B+ prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) programme on the work of healthcare professionals, and pregnant HIV-positive women experiences on ART for life, as a way to improve management of the programme. This research allowed me to develop and execute strategic ways to create sustainable system-level change of the programme between executives, healthcare professionals and patients. It is now being used by Steering Committee for PMTCT at RMMCH and South Africa’s National Department of Health to better the health of millions.

Previously, I worked in Australia as a Communications and Corporate Services Officer, I worked with Indigenous peoples, heavily influenced by drugs and violence. I was immediately convinced that my energetic attitude and strong passion for health awareness, equality and education could contribute to further research initiatives in the public health field. My background working as a Media and Marketing Officer for a non-governmental HIV/AIDS organization allowed me to capture the attention of government in South Africa to invest in health infrastructures across the country by coordinating press conferences and networking with hundreds of organizations regionally and developing funding strategies.


I would love to continue to deepen and expand my interest in global health issues and spread awareness on patient centred care and HIV/AIDS to ensure positive community development. GHNGN serves as a platform for knowledge translation, health promotion and a network towards social innovation. I believe that I can contribute to effective communication and successful programming to enhance the lives of those impacted by health issues.


I am a writer for the news team, and my duty is to capture different audiences by producing pieces about relevant healthcare issues. I look forward to utilizing my global health experience and networks as a way to allow voices of those often silenced to be given an opportunity to be heard.