Lucy Fagan

Partnership Coordinator

Country: United Kingdom
External Title:MSc Public Health (LSHTM)


Hi! My name is Lucy and I’m from the UK. Throughout my career I have gained a variety of experience spanning everything from developing local public health strategies and advising the UK Parliament Health Select Committee, to supporting WHO forums and building the capacity of surgical staff in resource poor settings. These experiences fueled my passion for public health and health system strengthening. I’m currently living in London where I am a policy adviser to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). In this role, I provide policy and strategic leadership on matters of domestic and global public health. I also work with clinical advisors on issues such as malnutrition, child health, communicable diseases, and asset-based approaches to public health and community resilience. Throughout all of my experience, my greatest passion has remained in addressing the social determinants of health.


I have a passion for global health and believe that the voice of young researchers and practitioners is often overlooked, despite having a critical role in moving the global health agenda forward. My search for a community of practice to leverage the expertise and potential of young global health professionals led me to the Global Health Next Generation Network and I instantly knew I had to be involved.


As Partnerships Coordinator, I’m responsible for the overall partnerships coordination and first contact point for partnership inquiries. I have already learned so much since I joined GHNGN and made many great connections and friends! Thank you for checking out my bio, and please feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or would like to collaborate with us.