Bio_Kim Skead

Kimberly Skead

Country: Canada

External Title: Research Assistant at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research; Fellow of the Reach Project UofT


I am a research assistant in the Awadalla laboratory at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research where my research is focused on studying genomic alterations in the mature blood pool and how this impacts chronic disease development. I will be starting my PhD in Molecular Medicine and Human Genetics at the University of Toronto in September 2018 and previously completed a Hon. BSc in Global Health and Genome Biology at Trinity College, University of Toronto. I hope to combine my interest in molecular genetics and global health to study disease markers at a molecular level in order to identify patterns of association, which could stand to increase the accuracy of early diagnostic testing and have a large-scale public health impact. Beyond this, I am a fellow of the Reach Project, an initiative housed at the Munk School of Global Affairs and supported by the MasterCard Centre for Inclusive Growth. The Fellows of the Reach Project are tasked to examine the successful delivery of vital health and social services to individuals in the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach parts of the globe. Previously, I was a member and project assistant at the International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation Cameroon Team where I investigated the state of inclusive education for children with disabilities, with an emphasis on genetic conditions and infectious diseases, in Cameroon. My work in Cameroon is continued through my position as a mentor with Open Dreams; an organization tasked to empower disadvantaged youth and provide access to international education opportunities. Finally, I volunteer with and sit on the Advisory Board for, the Kenya Association for Maternal and Neonatal Health.


One of the most remarkable things about our generation is that we have the audacity to stand up and claim the global challenges as ours to solve. Through being a part of the Global Health Next Generation Network, I have the opportunity to work alongside the next generation of global health professionals to develop a dialogue around shared interests and challenges.


As a news writer, I hope to reframe the narrative around long-standing global health narratives, to introduce novel perspectives and, ultimately, foster a healthy dialogue among young leaders in global health.

Languages: English, Afrikaans, French