Grecia Villa

Partnership Supervisor

Country: Meixco
External Title: Medical Director at a Basic Community Hospital (Mexican Ministry of Health) Board Member and Project Manager at “MEDspei: Community-based medical educational Project”


I like to think of myself as a “world citizen”, but I’m proud to call myself a mexican physician. During my years of experience I have confirmed that being a health professional comes with a big commitment and responsibility towards those that believe in us. I believe that the we can only face today’s global health challenges and make this world a better place through multidisciplinary work and political will. I try to raise the voice for those in need and bridge the gap between medical education and public health through leadership, management and a strong commitment to serve those in need.


I joined the GHNGN while I was doing my Master’s in Global Health in Barcelona, I got the opportunity to work as the Coordinator of the Organizing team of last years’ GHNGN conference: “Ensure the voice of young professionals”, I am passionate about maternal and reproductive health that is why I decided to become an OB & GYN.


I am currently working on the Partnerships team of the network. I live under the African proverb: If you want to walk fast walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk with others”.