Foivi Logothetidi (former News Coordinator)

Foivi Logothetidi

Former News Coordinator

Country: Greece
External Title: Pharmacist, MSc Global Health, Law and Governance


Having studied Pharmacy in Greece during the years of the so called “Great-Recession”, I became eager to learn how governments draw their public health policies and how painful to the society public health measures can be reversed to become painless. My MSc in Global Health Law and Governance unlocked for me the boundless world of public health; from how health systems around the globe are structured and financed to how deeply international legal conventions, protocols and organizations influence public health standards and governments’ policies.


The Global Health Next Generation Network rose to me as the way to make mine and like-minded young health professionals’ voice heard in the global health arena. My experience as a Newsletter editor on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies taught me how to handle a plethora of information coming from a multidisciplinary field.