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Lila Stavropoulou

External Affairs Manager

Country: Greece/Turkey
External title: Corporate Communication professional


Having worked for the pharmaceutical industry for over four years, I developed a passion about the patient’s voice in healthcare and global health. As a communication professional, I understand how communication and science can work together to protect the health of the public in general, and of the patient in particular. For the past year, I support the “patient empowerment” movement through social media platforms.

I have completed a Master’s Degree specialized in Corporate Communication and Strategy at the University of Nancy, in France and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Mass Media from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.


I am passionate about building a better society, in particular through collaboration, civic engagement and empowerment. Global Health Next Generation Network aims to empower the next generation of public health professionals through collaboration and team work. This project inspires me and I want to be part of this effort.


I am the External Affairs Manager, responsible for coordinating and managing our social media and news team, managing external communications and ensuring continuous adaptation of GHNGN to current global  health events.