Duarte Vital Brito

Website Officer

Country: Portugal

External title: Medical Doctor – Public Health Resident


I’m a young medical doctor since 2016 and currently I’m doing my residency in Public Health, in Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Institute (IHMT, Lisbon, Portugal). I’m deeply interested in develop communication among doctors, researchers and individuals, and find innovative ways to promote health and well-being. I’m also interested in Medical Education and addressing formative opportunities to a larger audience. I’m currently studying Data Visualization and developing skills in Webdesign, Graphical Design and Video Edition, since these are crucial ways to communicate nowadays.


After starting my Public Health residency in 2017, I wanted to contribute to the development of this “new family” and I joined European Network of Medical Residents in Public Health as Webmaster Lead. For me, collaboration and education are key-skills in Public Health and everyone should play a role in it. That’s why I applied to GHNGN: to keep contributing to communication between health professionals and a broader audience. Advocacy is also an important part of Global Health and associations as GHNGN can make a difference!


As website officer, my responsibility is to ensure website maintenance and content publishing. If something is not working as it should be in GHNGN website, let me know and I will solve it (hopefully!).


Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian