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Carmen D. Mejía Velázquez

News Writer

Country: Mexico
External Title: Msc. Health Education And Promotion


My name is Carmen Mejía, I am originally from Mexico but for the past years I have been living in Europe to learn more about public and global health. I am really passionate about health behavior and the different determinants that influence it. I am specially interested on how health behavior could be changed through different environmental levels. That is why I decided to study a master on health education and promotion at the University of Maastricht.


I decided to join the network because I strongly believe that the youth of today has an important role for the decision making regarding health matters. By being part of this active network, I believe I can contribute more to achieve this goal. 


I am part of the news team in charge of writing articles about relevant health issues. This year we had the opportunity to go to the Health world summit in Berlin which was a great chance for us to interview key speakers and inform the general public about the conference. I am looking forward for the next event!