Camila González-Beiras

Immediate Past Chair/Advisor

Country: Spain
External Title: PhD candidate Global Public Health


I was born in a small village in Galicia(North Spain) and I studied Fundamental Biology at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Today I’m living in Lisbon where I’m doing my PhD in Global Public Health at the Lisbon Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. My area of research and current life passion is NTDs (neglected tropical diseases).


I very was lucky to be among the amazing team that funded this network in February 2014; back then we were all doing our Master in Global Health at ISGlobal Barcelona…

Long story short: we were 15 students with completely different backgrounds, and during our Master our professors constantly reminded us of the importance of multidisciplinarity in the field of global health in order to create innovative, long-lasting solutions for all challenges in global health; so we decided to create a platform that could represent this idea. A platform where young professionals could meet, discuss, grow and learn through shared experiences and networking….and here we are today!


Chair of the board and general coordinator of the organization.

And just to finish, my personal tip: enjoy the ride, don’t take it too serious; learn, disagree, discuss and create your own framework… and if that doesn’t work..

Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!- Doctor WHO