Caity Jackson

Internal Advisor

Country: Canada
External Title: Director of European Engagement for Child Family Health International


Caity Jackson is the Director of European Engagement for Child Family Health International, a San Francisco-based NGO with special UNESCO status that offers community-based global health education. She is also the Founder & Principal Consultant for her own firm, Jackson Consulting International, as well as serving as Director of International Relations for the female empowerment social start-up, Fuzia, and the International Programme Coordinator for Swedish Healthcare. She holds an Honours Bachelor in Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa, Canada and a Masters of Medical Sciences from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Caity founded and directed one of the first global health mentorship programs, the Canadian Society for International Health’s (CSIH) Mentornet, and is Co-Founder & Director of Communications for the Women in Global Health movement. She has a background in career counselling and her research focuses on higher education, making her speciality career/skill development and education & training in the global health field. She contributes to this field through her membership on the Consortium of Universities for Global Health’s (CUGH) education sub-committee, is a panelist and Director of Communications on the weekly live global health show, This Week in Global Health, and was recently named one of the top 300 Women Leaders in Global Health by the Graduate Institute in Geneva.


Having organized the annual Canadian Global Health Student and Young Professional Summits and spoken at the Global Health Next Generation Network conferences, Caity brings years of conference planning expertise to the table.