Anthea Wingender

Funding Coordinator

Country: Germany

External title: Master of Science in Economics

Having been interested in world politics and economic interactions, I have pursued my Bachelor and Master studies in economics at the University of Bonn. My academic interests have been in the field of banking, monetary theory, corporative finance, as well as development economics. I am a world explorer- having lived in seven different countries over the years – and I have with great pleasure worked for several years in the field of professional training. Currently I am pursueing a traineeship at the European Commission before starting a the adventure of my own Phd.

I have learned from the Global Health Next Generation Network from a friend of mine, whose passionate reports about her voluntary work at the GHNGN have inspired me. The idea of supporting an international plattform that enhances the exchange and future career paths of young professionals fascinated me right away, especially since I have worked for an institution of professional training over the past couple of years.

As the funding coordinator I support the treasurer in its action to find suitable/ future-oriented fundings to support the growing activities of the GHNGN.

German, Italian, English, French and Spanish