Lisbon International Hangout: Meeting the faces behind the computer and sharing our projects and goals


When you collaborate in an international organization, most of the contact with your team mates is done through online chats, emails and a few skype calls. Therefore, to meet the faces behind the computer screen is an extraordinary moment. The GHNGN meeting in Lisbon allowed this to many of us – to finally meet the person behind the screen with whom we share the same common goal – advocating and contributing to an ever-changing Global Health arena.


Our meeting in Lisbon, at the Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical (IHMT), allowed us to share our projects with potential new members – thank you all that joined us – as well as to brainstorm ideas as a team, a lively interaction that we don’t often get to do.


Camila Gonzalez opened our session, explaining the history and goals of our network to our participants. The main projects in focus were the Global Health Ambassador Program, presented by Lucy Fagan – a great initiative that we will be sharing with you in the near future. Penelope Hill shared with us the Global Health Hangouts initiative, already organized in several European cities – learn how to create your own hangout here– that aims to plan informal meetings to discuss any global health related topic, strengthening networks and creating friendships on the way. The news team was presented by yours truly, typing in the computer, and we invited all curious minds to turn their thoughts, worries and global health related ideas into words. I extend to all of you this invitation again – contact me on!


Finally, Simone Mohrs presented the Global Health Me program, a program, developed by us and the Swedish Network for International Health. Using their words, this is “a global, group based mentorship program connecting Students and Young Professionals and experienced professionals from different fields within Global Health”. If this caught your attention, check out the website for more information.


You can take a look at the presentations here.


Overall and without need for many words: It was a great day. We hope to have you joining us in the future, who knows in the conference we will be organizing in Barcelona later this year – but more on that later!



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