Global Health Hangouts – Lisbon Edition 2


Global Health Hangouts for the First Time in Lisbon, a Quick Recap

Last Tuesday, 8th of December, the first informal Global Health Hangout took place in vibrant Chiado, Lisbon. For three hours, we got to know the exciting experiences and ideas of our guests: Mie, a nurse and PhD student with extensive fieldwork in Mozambique, and João, also a nurse in the Portuguese Navy, studying for his Master’s in Tropical Health. Camila, Klara and myself (Ana) were present representing the Network – and here’s just a bit about ourselves: Camila is our chair, Klara, our external affairs manager and myself, a news writer (surprise!).

Thanks to our different skills and backgrounds, we exchanged ideas on research subjects, the main challenges in global health and its eminent need for interdisciplinary efforts. As a young Global Health professional, this is a remarkable way to spend a cold winter evening – getting to know new colleagues, surrounded by a great environment and warm drinks. In fact, in the end of our conversation – after a brief presentation of the Network and our major goals and plans – we wrapped up making the required plans for our next meeting together, hopefully right in the beginning of 2016. In the meanwhile, here are our smiling faces in the end of a great evening:


From left to right: Camila, Mie, Ana, Klara and João


We hope to having you joining us next time!

Author: Ana Antunes

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