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Welcome to Global Health Hangouts (GH2)!

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The concept

A simple and uncomplicated face to face networking opportunity for those who wish to widen their sphere of contacts and meet people with a common interest in Global Health.

Everyone with such an interest is invited to organize and attend these events!


What to do

Organising a GH2 is easy, all you need to do is have the motivation to meet other young Global Health professionals/students and apply through our website.  Complete this short Google Form and send us your ideas. You will then be contacted by a member of our Projects Team, who will assist and give you further guidance in preparing for your event.


Location for the GH2

It is up to you where you hold your Hangout and what you would like the theme to be – as long as it is relevant to global health, of course! We are more than happy to assist if you need ideas.


Hosting the event

You will get an invitation template, so you only need to adapt it and SHARE IT!

GHNGN will send your invitation to all the members in our network in order to create a successful GH2.

As a host of the GH2, make sure everyone knows when and where to meet!


Sharing is caring 

You will get an invitation template, so you only need to adapt it and SHARE IT!

We would love to see the results of your event!! Make pictures and share them with us via #GHhangout: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, post, personal delivery, all means are accepted! 



Last but not least: Enjoy and have a great GH2 time!


Upcoming Hangouts

Our next GH2 will take place in Basel, on the 31st of May. Please find more information on the GH2 Facebook page! 


Previous hangouts – Pict ure galleries