Global Health-What’s next?


“Pioneering spirit should continue, not to conquer the planet or space … but rather to improve the quality of life.”

— Bertrand Piccard


The Global Health Next Generation Network is proudly announcing its 4th annual conference in Global Health! This year’s event will focus on career steps for global health students. What’s next after a global health degree?

Finding a job after graduation can be tricky. As a new graduate, it can be difficult to find your path in the field. The career path starts from somewhere, but from where and how? How to know that you have the right tools to start to build your career path? Many students graduating from global health and public health education programs claim that their career path is even more challenging. Working on global health is amazing as it offers chances to improve the lives of millions. However, entering this professional arena can be very challenging given the incredibly diverse number of occupations falling under the umbrella of public health and its vast possibilities all over the world.

At the Global Health Next Generation Network (GHNGN), we engage and mobilize the community of emerging Global Health professionals from different cultures and backgrounds to exchange expertise, skills and opportunities. On our core mission is to help each other out in the transition from academic to professional careers in global health, to initiate and foster dialogue on Global Health education and to support engagement of young professionals in global health initiatives and projects worldwide. To achieve that, since 2014, we dedicate our annual conferences to the contemporary challenges students and young professional of global health face in their everyday life.



This year, the Global Health Next Generation Network (GHNGN) is inviting all of you to join the 2017 Next Generation Global Health Forum (NGGHF) focused on career steps for global health students and young professionals, where you could meet with global health professionals, sharing their own experiences and their key to success. This year’s conference gives you the opportunity to learn from professionals on how to build your career path in Global Health and explore the diverse occupations and career paths that can come from a public health degree.

This two-day conference will include workshops, networking opportunities and the chance to meet with impact leaders in an intimate setting. If you are thinking about a global health career that enables you to create positive change, then this is the place for you to meet other students, young professionals and leaders focused on making and impact and build your connections.


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There will be opportunities to learn more about the work related to global health, how to break into the sector, and some of the key tools required for success in public health different roles.

So, what’s next? Save the date, stay tuned following our Facebook and Twitter using #ghnetwork. Find the agenda of this year’s conference here.


Conference website

Bio_picture_Niina-Maria Nissinen Niina-Maria Nissinen is a public health master student at Lund University, and a news writer at GHNGN. Her interest in public health is in drugs, alcohol and mental health with a special focus on social structures. 


Lila's pic Lila Stavropoulou is a corporate communication professional and the External Affairs Manager at GHNGN. Her interest in public health is in rare diseases, mental health with a special focus on digital global health. 

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