Find your interest and get involved! My tips for a student who wants to work in Global Health




Who are you, where are you from, and what is your role in GHNGN?

My name is Anton Hasselgren, a Swede currently pursuing a masters degree in Global Health at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. I work as a partnership coordinator at GHNGN


How did you learn about the GHNGN?

I came across GHNGN when I was searching for like-minded young professionals involved in Global Health about a year ago when I just had started my master’s studies in Global Health. I realized early that a strong network is important if you want to pursue a career in Global Health.


What is your current job/study position?

Currently, I am in the last semester of my master’s program in Global Health. I am working on my thesis: Anthropometric indices as predictors for diabetes type 2 in Nepal. I recently completed an internship at WHO in Geneva where I worked in the NCD cluster for 2 months. During that internship a got to learn a lot about how WHO works as an organization. My main tasks were to prepare papers and background documents, I also had the lead on several smaller projects. I would definitely recommend doing an internship at WHO if you are early in your career.

After the summer, I will start working as a management consultant for the healthcare sector in Sweden, hopefully, I get a chance to contribute to improvement in the system.


What career path did you follow (bachelor, MSc, PhD…)?

I did my bachelor’s degree in Sports Sciences with a focus on how physical activity can improve public health. I found the public health aspect very interesting so I decided to continue that path with a master’s in Global Health. I am still interested in how physical activity can improve public health and might continue on that topic as a Ph.D.


What is your secret when it comes to applications?
Put time in your applications and think of who’s going to read it. Keep it short and relevant and remember that the recruiters often have hundreds of applications to read, so make it easy for them.


Are you interested in something other than what you currently do?
One of my main interests in Global Health is how digital technology can improve public health in low- and middle-income countries. I think this is an exciting and a fast-growing field that would change how we can improve public health rapidly in low- and middle-income countries


What is global health for you?
The definition of Global Health is not very consistent, but for me, Global Health is the health of all people, regardless of country, socio-economic status, gender, age and so on.


What would you suggest a student who wants to work in GH?
Study a field that interests you. Almost all backgrounds can be relevant in Global Health. Get involved in networks and organizations outside your studies. Try to find a specific theme within Global Health that interests you. Start applying for jobs and internships early.


Anton (large)

Anton Hasselgren is originally from Sweden, and currently studying Global Health in Norway. He is particularly interested in mhealth, innovation, and statistics. He is the partnership coordinator for GHNGN.

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