The end of the 20th century brought about major shifts in the burden of disease plaguing low- and lower-middle-income countries (LICs/LMICs). Indeed, ever increasing industrialization and population aging have catalysed an epidemiological transition towards an increase in cancers, cardiovascular conditions and other non-communicable diseases 1.  When compounded with the already […]

Cancer: Bridging the Global Health Divide

This year’s edition of the World Health Summit was held in Berlin from 15th to 17th October and brought together around 2,000 individuals from over a 100 countries. The extraordinary mix of individuals striving for a healthier world was composed of top-level researchers, members of the civil society, high-profile politicians, […]

Insights of the World Health Summit 2017

Applications are usually the first step to landing a job and give employers the first impression of applicants. It is, therefore, crucial to demonstrate how suitable and qualified you are for the job in order to increase your chances of going on to the next phase. Preparation makes all the […]

Tips for the job application letter