UNLEASH Innovation Lab 3
Three members of the Global Health Next Generation Network, Margarida, Andreea and Carmen,  had the amazing opportunity to attend the founding class of UNLEASH Innovation Lab. UNLEASH is a global initiative aiming to create solutions that challenge traditional approaches and business models in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals […]

UNLEASH Innovation Lab 2017

Monkeypox, the silently emerging threat
Monkeypox is not a rare disease anymore. Appropriate and effective interventions and active surveillance activities are urgently needed to make sure that monkeypox won’t become the new smallpox.   Monkeypox (caused by Monkeypox virus, genus Orthopoxvirus) has long been thought to be a rare disease occurring in humans only sporadically1. […]

Monkeypox, the silently emerging threat

My conviction in global health
Global health is an exceedingly nebulous field with the potential to encompass every issue under the sun within its bounds. It examines health and non-health issues, nationally and internationally, and analyses how they are threaded to the collective health of the global community. My interest in global health was not […]

My Conviction in Global Health