This month the regional meeting of the World Health Summit took place in Coimbra, Portugal. The conference focused on four main themes:  managing infectious diseases in low and middle-income countries, governance for health equity in low and middle-income countries, opportunities and challenges in translating innovation into healthcare and biomedical […]

An overview of the World Health Summit Regional Meeting

When thinking about what being healthy means and how to transmit the importance of certain health practices to communities, we healthcare professionals tend to pass our ideas and concepts and transform those into health policies. We overlook that health, illness and even life are concepts with such vast, possible interpretations […]

Is the current definition of health enough?

  The 25th of April marks World Malaria Day and, this year adopts the theme: “Ready to beat Malaria” 1. World Malaria Day was established with the objective of raising awareness for one of the oldest diseases 1; an epidemic that has shaped human history and continues to prevail today […]

World Malaria Day