Focus Youth Forum (FYF): Capacity Building for Community Empowerment and Healthy Living


Focus Youth Forum (FYF): Capacity Building for Community Empowerment and Healthy Living




From subsistence farming to commercialization, a way to eradicate poverty and create wealth

Focus Youth Forum (FYF) 1, is a social enterprise in Uganda whose major activities are capacity building by offering training in different sectors such as health, environment, agriculture, IT and entrepreneurship. It also initiates and implements both local and international projects that positively contribute to the social and economic well-being of ordinary people especially young people. FYF has a well-experienced team which is dedicated to implement and execute programmes in line with the vision of the organization.

“To create a generation of self-sustaining youth through the creation of employment opportunities, discovering new knowledge, preserving our heritage as well as implementing sustainable programs that enhance investment now and for the future generations”

FYF Mission statement 1


Projects and collaboration

FYF has developed a community agricultural project called Commercial Maize Production (CMP) which aims to reduce poverty and hunger in mid-western Region of Uganda by focusing on increasing maize production. The project aims to solve the problem related to the lack of market, low productivity, and old methods of production 2.



Detail: The farmers received a tractor to help to increase the maize production


Through a partnership with EDPA Medical Services Limited, another local organization, FYF is engaging all members of the community to know their health status through HIV/AIDs testing, family planning methods, blood pressure, and other health diseases. EDPA Medical Services Limited provided these services free of charge and over 50 people were tested, checked and counseled.
Picture3_Staff of EDPA...

Detail: Staff of EDPA Medical Services in the Community Capacity Building Organized by FYF

FYF also got an opportunity to work with an international network that promotes health issues across the globe called Global Health Next Generation Network (GHNGN) which has given FYF a positive contribution towards improving the health situation of the country through online sensitization, manual books, and information dissemination. This we believe it will make a very big impact as time goes on.


Future steps

Bernard Keikara Mugume, Executive Director of FYF, emphasizes that the organization is determined to take the community out of poverty and ensure better health. As most of the major causes of poverty are due to unending health issues leaving people with high expenses and an inability to concentrate on productive activities.



Detail: Bernard Keikara, Chief Executive Director FYF


Together with GHNGN, our international partner, and EDPA Medical Services, FYF hope to put in place medical programmes that will ensure better health and economic development among the Ugandan people.

Picture5_FYF_the group

Picture6_FYF_a police officer

Detail: A police Officer receiving a medical check-up during Community Training.


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